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How Long Does It Take?

Normal procedures and time takes about 6-8 months to be certified. ISO Malaysia Consultancy – Globalcoin Consultancy Services have the best team in Asia Pacific that can help your company to acquire certifications nearly 50% faster! With professional proper practices, we can speed up the process (Fast ISO certification) to allow your company to get certified in just 3-4 months.

ISO 9001 standard for quality management of organizations

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The scope of work for ISO

  1. To provide a side Gap Audit after the client has confirmed the quotation and confirmed a down payment to us.

  2. To assist the organization to set up the Management Review Committee, which includes the Chairman must be from the top management, such as General or Plant Manager. The secretary should be the secretary of his department or head of the quality department or head of the EHS department. The Review Committee Members will include employer site and employees site, such as engineer or supervisor (representative of employer) and production worker or employees, almost same as EHS committee。

  3. After that, we will assist the organization to rewrite or revise all their existing Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) to meet ISO requirements.

  4. To revise all the forms, work instructions (WI), data to meet ISO or Other standard requirements.

  5. To assist the organization to implement all SOP, WI, Form, Table, Record.

  6. To assist the organization to set up a documentation system.

  7. To provide all relevant Training courses for all dept. Including internal auditors trading.

  8. To assist the organization to implement all Management systems for 1-2. month.

  9. To conduct Internal Audit with their Internal Auditors. After that, they should do Internal Audit 2 times in the 3rd to the 5th month.

  10. To assist the organization to Conduct a final compliance Audit.

  11. The organization arranges The 3rd party certification body to do certification Audit. We are not involved in auditing operations.

  12. Finally, we assist the organization to answer all findings done by the certification auditor in order to pass the 3rd party certification.

Providing Superior ISO Certification Services in Malaysia With 100% Success Rate.

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The above procedure is one of our successful methods for normal applications. We can help you achieve up to 50% faster with our express applications (fast ISO certification)! Please contact us for more details.

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