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What is Environment, health and safety (EHS)

Environment, health and safety (EHS) is a methodology that analyzes and executes practical aspects of protecting the environment, health, and safety at an occupational site or factory. In simple expressions, organizations must arrange to make sure that their manufacturing/business activities do not harm anyone. 

Keep Construction Projects Safe and  Government legislation Compliant in Malaysia, ISO Malaysia Consultancy – Globalcoin Consultancy Services will assist your enterprise on track and safely through every part of your project.

Fire & Explosion Prevention Risk Assessment
Including Various EHS auditing, such as EHS Compliances Audit, EHS Management System Audit, and EHS Programs audit.

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Environment, health and safety EHS Compliances Audit

This audit is to assess the Company’s EHS standards, management programs, design of facilities, training and all EHS issues whether is complied with local government, cooperate and international legislations, rules, regulations, and requirements. A compliance audit will cover all relevant conformance, record, equipment, training and operation site in the company.

We provide in-depth research and analysis to audit projects in all stages of HER and risk. Investing in a good quality audit by Globalcoin Consultancy will be a way to guarantee the good igmage of your project in the long term. This will take a longly Audit to look at the implementation of EHS programs and the strategies used.

Explosion and Fire Risk and Fire Prevention Audits are the processes that they are very important for the overall Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) of your enterprise, project. and Industry like chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical, offshore platform, refinery, other operation industries, and hazardous locations where require all this crucial service.

The audits we provided includes:

These relevant audits help to promote the safe and good igmage of your company to the public. It prevents accident, incident and dangerous occurence from happening, and it is crucial for responsible and ethical leadership.

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EHS compliance audit

This audit is to assess the Company’s EHS standards, management programs, design of facilities, training and all EHS issues whether is complied with local government, cooperate and international legislations, rules, regulations, and requirements. A compliance audit will cover all relevant conformance, record, equipment, training and operation site in the company.

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EHS management system audit

This audit is to assess all type of EHS Management Systems, such as the same as ISO 14001 (EMS), ISO 45001 (S&HMS), etc.

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EHS implementation programs audit

This audit is an analysis that gauges the implementation and strategy of these EHS programs to determine whether the company is following its EHS procedures and programs.

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Fire, Explosion & Other Risk Consulting/Auditing

This audit is very important for Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Refinery, Offshore Platform, Hazardous Operation Industries. It prioritizes and identifies the potential Fire, Explosion and other Risks that might occur in the said industries. It covers all operations, facilities, activities, design, engineering, and equipment in a particular department or factory. The audit will identify all potential risks and hazards on Fire, Explosion or others. Subsequently, the practical solution and recommendation to be provided.

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Process Safety Management (PSM) Consulting / Audit

PSM started in 1990 under USA OSHA published in the federal register. This is a well-designed systematic management system for highly hazardous Chemical industry. It contains 12 to 14 elements and a management system. It can prevent unwanted release of hazardous chemicals, fire, explosion, and other major incidents into locations that could expose employees, neighboring industry or residents to serious hazards.

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EHS implementation proHazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) Consulting / Auditgrams audit

This audit is an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of Safety Hazard in the food industries. The consulting of implementation will be done by expertise consultant. HACCP can prioritize and control potential hazards in food production and facility. This audit is to assess the company whether major food risks, such as microbiological, Chemical and Physical contaminants are complied with standard or requirement.

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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Consultancy Services.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process/study to identify, predict, evaluate and communicate information about the impact of a prescribe project or development on the environment. The study includes screening, scoping, assessment and evaluation of impacts and development of alternative, reporting including EMP / EIS, Decision making, monitoring, compliance, enforcement, and environmental auditing, etc. It is required under the Environmental Rule and Regulation for any project more than RM 50 million, or any hazardous Chemical plant, or hazardous facility as required by EIA rules and Regulations.

We has competent personal to provide these relevant services to meet and discuss with your personnel at any stage of your project. In many countries, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Consulting is required for any project that is more than RM 50 million. It is also required under EIA rules and regulations for any hazardous or high risk chemical plant or facility.

Hazardous Waste Management Consultancy Services for more than 30 years!

There has been a standard published in the Environment Regulations to outline the process of handling and managing hazardous materials and waste. There are more than 3500 substances identified by the DOE as hazardous waste.

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Work places and environment atmosphere

Work places and environment atmosphere monitorings are required by local lagislations. It takes into account facts such as gases, chemicals, dust, noise, indoor air, local exhaust ventilation, and more. These need to be monitored regularly by competent personal in accordance with the local lagislations.

Fulfill Environmental Health and Safety Requirements

Keep in line with OSHA, FMA and EQA requirements, we are able to provide and give your company the comphensive EHS, Fire preventive / protection and Risks prevention services when it needs.

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