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Our Expertise since 1995.

We Started business from 1995. Globalcoin Consultancy Services Sdn. Bhd. (Reg SSM No: 1131305-V) is formerly known as ESQ Consultancy Services. We have more than 25 years of experience in the same business, Now we have developed a sister company, which is doing the same type of EHS Consultancy Services with the name of Energy Integrity Management (EIM). It is a group of Companies in the UK, China, Malaysia. We have a wide range of Consultancy Services experts and professionals around those countries.

We are confident in providing our clients with the best solution across Malaysia and Worldwide. Globalcoin Consultancy Services has been consulting and partnering with local and international consulting & auditing companies across the world to realize the true potential and benefits of the ISO certification by providing superior ISO consultancy for ISO certification covering ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 37001, 5S and other ISO standards. Globalcoin Consultancy Services also promotes EHS, Management, Fire & Explosion Prevention, Risk & Hazard Assessment, Emergency Response Consultancy, Training & Auditing.

Company History

Globalcoin has International Consultancy Services, an international Environmental, Safety & Health and Quality consultancy services company with a network of offices in Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Taiwan.

We have worked in association with SAAG Oil & Gas Sdn Bhd, TRISILCO Oil & Gas Sdn Bhd, ENSR/AECOM, NOVO, HELP, TIJ, DNV, Ecology and Environment, BC Research Inc; Lloyd’s Register and ERM on several consultancy projects in Malaysia.

The Company has served industries on all aspects of the Environment, Safety & Health and Quality Management since 1995 in Asia Pacific countries. We have experienced professional consultants all over Malaysia, Singapore, China, and Taiwan. We have more than 200 clients all over Asia Pacific.

Some of our clients include Sony, Nippon Paint, Mobil, Nestle, Akzo Nobel, STM, Unilever ( China ) Pte Ltd, Jebsen and Jesson Group of Companies.

We have experience with all kinds and sizes of clients, from multinationals to regional companies. Our consultants are well versed in a variety of industries. We have the experience, reputation, and resources to handle your needs.

Chang Miau Sin

— Founder

All of Our Customers Trust

Their Success To Us

More than 25-years of experience leading in Auditor, Assessor, Consultant in all types of Industries.


Team Of Experts

We provide all kinds of services related to these domains. We assist our clients to develop strategic risk management systems that can help bring about:

  • Operational Cost Savings

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Employee Motivation

  • Reduce medical costs, minimize disasters thus saving property and compensatory expenses.

  • Improved competitiveness

  • Increased productivity


We have a team of consultants and professionals who have strong industrial experiences, outstanding qualifications and are trained in USA , Europe and Asia. They provide the strong technical expertise to handle all consulting jobs. In addition, these professionals are also available for full or part-time safety, environmental, quality services in all types of industries and construction sites within the Asia Pacific.

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How can we help you?

  • We provide consulting services in Asia Pacific with our team of local experts. We provide a comprehensive range of services related to Environment, Safety, Health, Hazard Management, and Quality Improvement.

  • Our affiliate, ESQ Trading, and Engineering company can also provide quality goods and services in international trading in Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Computer Components & Parts, etc

  • We can help you in all aspects of application for different standards

  • We can supply you all types of Safety, Health, Environmental, Fire Protection Equipment

  • We can design, construct and commissioning hazardous Chemicals & Gases detection with alarm system, Chemicals & Gases leakage and spillage preventive measures & management system, wastewater treatment plant, air filtration/scrubber system and fire protection/prevention system, etc.

  • As part of our work, we have intimate knowledge with various government bodies and their rules, regulations, and procedures. Therefore, we can also provide information and assistance to companies about local government rules and regulations, license applications for all kinds of processes and operations.

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Why Choose Us

Globalcoin Consultancy Services have more than 25-years of experience leading in Auditor, Assessor, Consultant in all types of Industries. We are the most multi-directional consultation company in Asia. We have helped countless companies regarding government claims and certificates.

Most Competent Certified

Our Consultants have all types of ISO certified Assessors, Consultant, Auditor Certificates.

More than 25 Years of Experience

We have more than 25-years of experience leading Auditor, Assessor, Consultant in all types of Industries.

Experienced with Government Sectors In Asia Pacific.

We have assisted numerous companies to claim back their 100% training cost

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